Play for real money! Our software makes it easy to challenge your opponents to fully automated, legal, and secure money matches!


We created an automated experience that lets you easily play your favorite competitive games for real money without interruption. Once your match is settled, your winnings will hit your wallet instantly.

Enhance Your Game

Real-money play means bringing your a-game. The time you spend gaming will be against gamers as competitive as you are.


Automated Execution

Our team has built a fully automated consensus system that runs alongside your game. We ensure that every match is tracked, reported, and verified before any money is exchanged.

Pocket Your Winnings Instantly

RumbleMonkey's platform settles matches and exchanges money in real-time.

Same Day Payouts

We designed our platform to make payouts as fast as possible. Once you've linked your bank account, prize money can be withdrawn immediately.


Setup your account, pick your limit, and go. When you are ready, challenge another RumbleMonkey user with a compatible limit and we'll take care of the rest.

Real Money

With RumbleMonkey you play for real money. Withdraw your winnings at any time – your funds will be deposited directly in your bank account.

Your Account – Legal, Safe, & Secure


Our platform does not support betting or gambling of any kind. To see if RumbleMonkey's beta is available in your area, click here.


We take steps to make sure you aren't at risk of having your game accounts suspended or banned.


Your personal information is fully encrypted and securely stored.


We are committed to the continuing development of additional layers of advanced cheat and fraud detection.

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